Hans Andre

Hans Andre

Location: Sweden

Andre received two years of project grants from the Swedish Royal Academy of Fine Arts to develop graphic and photographic art. In the 70's he worked together with Staffan Hallström, resulting in a 16 mm film about the Paris Metro. Then followed exhibitions at the Gallery Prisma and Ljungsjögården, galleries owned by Leif Nielsen.
Over the years, Andre turned to painting. Besides numerous exhibitions in Sweden, he exhibited his works in Milan, Italy and Berlin, Germany. (From Wikipedia)

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Hans Andre

Some paintings over the last years.

The Study “The Study”

Diptych 91 x 68 cm

Insight / Conceale “Insight / Conceale”

91 x 68 cm

Pater Noster “Pater Noster”

Diptych 91 x 68 Mixed media

Electrically or Genetically ? (Insulator) “Electrically or Genetically ? (Insulator)”

91 x 68 cm
Acrylic and oil

Microcosm “Microcosm”

Objets d´arts, mixed media, 30x20x10 cm


The System “The System”

Mixed media
91x68 cm

Reveal Nothing “Reveal Nothing”

91 x 68 cm