Jouanne Roberson

I create public and privately commissioned artwork as well as a thriving studio practice. The installations and functional art incorporate an elaborate tableau of materials from brass, bronze, concrete, cement, glass, handmade paper, to acrylic chairs...


Lenticular Prints

Many of these drawings began using Crayola, gouache, and oil stick on paper. They were scanned then rearranged through cut away and layering techniques similar to the Japanese paper-cut-art called Kirie (Kiri-e = cut-pictures). The results were sent into a many wave patterns accented with light and shadow. These paintings somewhat resemble a complete photo-emulsions even as they are laboriously handcrafted these simple drawings transform into intriguing new forms that cause the eyes to dance.

Species Evolving “Species Evolving”

The image to the left (Species Evolving) is one of the lenticular prints.


Printmaking: New Media, Ink and Digital on Canvas.

Computer technology also takes a back seat to creative ingenuity, and painterly attributes in the compositions whose freehand explorations in Crayola and Dutch oil stick crayons prompt bold abstract compositions. Although they can appear child-like, these compositions are actually highly sophisticated in the tradition of Miro and the biomorphic abstractions of William Baziotes, as seen in “Bearing Crimson,” with its sinuous, off-center shapes and blindingly beautiful use of primaries.

Giclee Fine Art Print on Canvas using Epson Ultra-chrome HDR inks

“Bearing Crimson” ““Bearing Crimson””

Giving birth to a psychedelic spiral of dazzling computerized hues... (Metallic print 20 in.²)

“Amorphous Red and Blue” ““Amorphous Red and Blue””

These distorted abstractions printed onto canvas produce a pop-art effect giving the dual impressions of extreme flatness and elastic depth... (Canvas wrapped print 36 in.²)

 “Bearing Crimson“ and “A Sharks Tooth” “ “Bearing Crimson“ and “A Sharks Tooth””

A diptych of “Bearing Crimson” and “A Sharks Tooth” Metallic prints… (Both prints are 20 in.²)