Ruth Keusch

Ruth Keusch

Location: Israel

Artist Ruth Keusch was born in the United States, and has lived in Israel since 1970. She has been painting for the last 60 years, working in oil, pastel and charcoal. Her teachers include Ernest Critchlow and Jordon Wolfson. She believes that an artist must constantly reinvent the way they work throughout their lives. Her style ranges from realistict to abstract..


Abstract Visions

"Something in me resonates with triangles. I create images that make me feel that I am creating people in triangles. I even depict my husband, my most frequent model, in varying poses, looking for new triangles as he shifted his position. As every artist knows, if you have a mirror you have a model. Using a three sided mirror, I create combinations of views with reflecting and interacting triangles


Influenced by Van Gogh, I too am drawn to sunflowers. The brilliant colors and changing shapes are endlessly fascinating and enjoyable.

Self Portraits

If an artist has a mirror he or she has a model. If one has a three way mirror, the possibilities are endless