Christine Norton

I focus on documentary and mixed media manipulated photography. My work is both objective and subjective. It is humanistic in form and expressionistic at the same time. I tend to use the photograph of the ordinary man or woman, often the fisher or market vendor, as a symbol of an island class. I want to convey empathy, attention, consideration. I sometimes add to that reality by distorting and exaggerating aspects of their lives or obstacles that stand in their way to a new path. I fantasize by using illustrations and filters, textures, multiple photographs, and written words to tell a story based on my mental pictures and external influences. My art is swayed by daily concerns and global trends, observations and images I make on the street. When I manipulate my work, the outcome is a painterly, layered, textured and possibly mixed media photograph. It portrays the complexity of daily life and seeks to appeal to social change. The viewer has a lot to look at and so there is a tendency to stop to view the work more intently. That complexity engages the viewer, I believe, in the narrative and increases the chances of compassion or simply, a mutual appreciation of the observation. My documentary work is usually empathetic and designed to draw the viewer into the experience. See my website My email address is or


In the Season of The Poui

The Poui tree is indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago and arrives each year just before the rains. Its simply beautiful to see the yellow or pink pour flowers on the hills around us as it signals a renewal and the beginning of the rainy season.

After Basquiat: Fragmented Imagery, Mischievous Thoughts

daily noise...observations
unlinked observations.thoughts.humorous and intense.
slow down.observe.see

Tribute to Zingaytalala “Tribute to Zingaytalala”

Moko Jumbies (stilt-walkers) are seen as spirits. In my work I give them a healing role and I see them as messengers who protect the people.

Moko Healers “Moko Healers”

The "Trini" Moko Jumbie, the ghost, and healer. Pouring healing energy over the people and their homes.

Cross-culture “Cross-culture”

Who we are is rooted in tradition - African, Indian, Portuguese and even American. If you go to an Indo-Trinidadian celebration, you will see that we sell popcorn, pepper roti and corn soup in the same place.

Fast cash, Fast Cash, Be A Winner “Fast cash, Fast Cash, Be A Winner”

This image is about how advertising overrides our intelligence. The piece is accompanied by a QR code which is scanned will create the back story.

A Me Too Moment “A Me Too Moment”

Subtle interactions are sometimes all it takes....

Too Much Hand! “Too Much Hand!”

The behaviour and body language we show sometimes underlies the story...

Look How Far We Have Come “Look How Far We Have Come”

This photograph is accompanied by a QR code that gives the background to the historical change that we have witnessed among the Spiritual Baptist in Trinidad.

Underwashers vs. Underwatchers “Underwashers vs. Underwatchers”

It is said that "many hands make light work", but in this country, "many works make light hands".

Sadhu of Waterloo “Sadhu of Waterloo”

We love nicknames. They create in the mind's eye other images of who we are, "Call me "Sadhu", he said. "Is because of meh long beard and where I live..Just in the front of the statue of the Siewdass Sadhu, the builder of the Temple in the Sea".

Return of the Scarlet Ibis “Return of the Scarlet Ibis”

We love fun and game and we are creatures of habit. It's so bad that even our national bird flies out every morning from the Caroni Swamp to Venezuela and every evening flies back to roost as if to say this is the happiest place to be. Home is home!

Working the Savannah Grass “Working the Savannah Grass”

The 260 acres of Savannah are the lungs of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. It is a place of artistic expression and recreation. As a people we have shard so many magical moments in this sweet botanical, with each other and the world. We celebrate and honour all who make this place the source of culture and good vibes year after year!" Words of Key the Band. This image is accompanied by a QR Code that plays the music called Savannah Grass.

La Brea Brownfield “La Brea Brownfield”

La Brea - Home of the Pitch Lake - Wonder of the world. Centre of extraction of resources that fuel our economy, dumping ground of oil and gas and pollution affecting the lives of children. Time for a fix!

Flower Power La Brea “Flower Power La Brea”

In the midst of La Brea, there is a tremendous character and resilience sitting on top of the sinking, shifting ground where pollution battles with water lilies that grow as a kind of beautiful symbol of a fight worth fighting.

Felicity in Perpetuity “Felicity in Perpetuity”

"Why should India be "lost" when none of these villagers ever really knew it, and why not "continuing", why not the perpetuation of joy in Felicity and in all the other sounds of the Central Plain: Couva, Chaguanas, Charley Village?" This image is accompanied by a QR Code that says more about the context.
- Words of Derrick Walcott, Writer and Nobel Prize Winner for Literature

The Patient Fisher “The Patient Fisher”

This image is accompanied by a QR code that shows the fisher throwing repeatedly his rod

Fisher Friends “Fisher Friends”

Standing around Trini fishers on the jetty at Cocorite is often entertaining. As I shoot the sunset, I listen to their chatter and the way they tease each other. I think that our way of speaking is really an interesting signifier of place. In the midst of busy and sometimes stressful days, there is something calming about watching the patience and conviction of these men, their brotherhood and hearing their laughter against the sunset and the wind coming off the Gulf of Paria. Island resilience!

Call Lloyds “Call Lloyds”

Dream for change and change will your dreams...:)! We talk a lot about our inter-island ferry service and wish for change to something more workable and perhaps luxurious. Balearia seems to get the picture...! This image is accompanied by a QR code that shows what the dream service might look like in video.