Manohar M.r

Manohar M.R

Location: India

M.R. Manohar is a self-taught artist. Over the years he has developed an original style and technique using mostly acrylic and oil paints on canvas. He also does oil pastel and pencil sketches, and metal embossing on aluminum and copper sheets. During his college days, his life changed radically when he came in contact with the mentally disabled.

He was drawn to share his life with them in an International residential community where he began using art as a therapeutic tool for people with mental illness in 1976-77. It has now been over 40 years since he began his profession as a social worker. He now leads an Organization for children with mental disabilities and continues to travel extensively to drought-affected villages in Karnataka where he provides counseling services to people with physical and mental disabilities and their families.

His art is an expression of his relationship with marginalized people, and also of his personal journey through life.

.”My journey through life has been accompanied and often illustrated by my passion for art in its different media. It is this that helps me to find who I am. I hope and trust that you will enjoy these expressions from within”. “During these years, art has been the essence of my life”


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