Cathy Shepherd

Travel adventures, yoga and the environment fuel Cathy's soul and mind with creativity. She has an expressive fascination for vibrant colors, texture and movement. All these elements explode onto her "glass Canvas" in an exciting style dancing in balance inviting the viewer to do the same.


Flow and Let GO

Simple pleasures are strategically placed by God everywhere. Often times these gifts of mystery hypnotize my mind while walking my dogs, taking a yoga class or listening to music. I'll stop right where I am and start drawing in space, or on a napkin, or type the idea onto my phone. This group seems endless since the ideas keep flowing. They are about feeling the moments and finding beauty wherever you are.

Beyond the Skies “Beyond the Skies”

This panel was originally designed for a condominium in St Pete, Fla. for their entryway. Two panels are hanging on either side of the elevator which are the first thing seen from the front doors. The entire foyer boasts all these vibrant colors so when a guest or resident enters, they immediately feel the energy. I just had to make another similar piece. Of course, it can be made in any size and color palette!

Deep Sea Mystery “Deep Sea Mystery”

We've been fortunate to spend vacations in Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii as well as other ocean inspiring destinations. Perfect for a person who's favorite colors are anything blue/green. The intention of the flow is my vision of waterfalls and how they intertwine with the textures of the earth. This panel has inspired others also and has been commissioned in a variety of blue color palettes.

Island Wedding “Island Wedding”

In feb 2017, I was commissioned to create a piece for a ceiling of a lanai in Fla. It was quite a challenge. Jaquelyne had the piece installed as a surprise for her fiancé. She inspired me so much. Island Wedding is a story of theirs and other friends who, this year had destination weddings.