Natalia Savina

She travels, teaches, creates pictures. Her pictures are represented in private collections in Russia, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, England, Scotland, and other countries.
She was born in 1957.


My creativity is a moment. It is the moment of creation of the future in the present. The feeling of line, the feeling of colour, the feeling of composition gives birth to a new world. The hand obeys the feelings, every time creating a new starting point, showing the new. Press - lightness - flight, and then 2-dimensional surface gets filled with multiple dimensions and a variety of information, simultaneously filling and releasing.

For me the creative process is like music or dance. Passing different impressions of sound, place, internal state through myself gives birth and creates a new world. The world as it is. Diverse and unified.

Two equal forces interact, and then there are birth, change, movement, life happening. Only merging with action, dissolving in the creative process, the miracle of creation can happen. All the elements come to life, reflecting one another, creating a mirror world effect.

Respect and mutual respect, acceptance and mutual acceptance, feeling and mutual feeling, interaction without breaking everything that happens, give birth to the harmony of action, the harmony of love.

I find it difficult to describe my creativity by words, my pictures are better to listen by eyes.


Savina Natalya


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