Stefan Badham

The People's Poet drives his gold Rolls Royce, looking for so-called artists to run over and crush beneath the wheels. Most artists are wankers, shits, liars, plagiarists, wholesale fuckwits. Any boring, unimaginative, unoriginal, contrived tosser can call themselves an artist. Every cocksucker thinks they are a fucking superstar on that fucking shit bollocks hell on earth called social media. Stick your wanking selfies and self-obsessed nothing opinions up your arse and fuck off and give us all a break. The nasty and the dull inhabit Twitter and Facebook. They are shits. Reject them.



Car (Rolls-Royce)

The artist's car. One tenth share.

Part of the Tate Modern Artshare collective.
Arts council funded acquisition. Car owned by ten artists for transport of work and art and promotion of The TateModern Artshare Fund.



Paper print
8" x10"

Collection Kingston gallery
Free press UK
The Guardian

Call yourself an artist?

Do you call yourself an artist?
Yes you.
You, with that boring fucking shit you produce?
Do something else.

Screen print (edition 2 of 30x3)
20" x16"


Sambo has more sense than any o you white trash cracker honky

Screen print (20)
12" x12"

Constant Change exhibition
Christie collection

Sambo “Sambo”

Sambo painting No. 4

People in glass houses

You hypocrites.
You puritanical
Stupid small-minded wanks

Enhanced photograph.
120" x120"

Face the Music exhibition.
White Cube Gallery.
Saatchi collection

Suck my glitter “Suck my glitter ”

Suck my glitter you fuckwit

Hello from the BBC

Hello from the BBC
Poster print (40/2)
18" x 12"

No Strange Image
(touring exhibition)
White Cube
Royal Academy

Hello from the BBC “Hello from the BBC”

Hello from the BBC

One day you will be dead

One day you will be dead
And you will mean nothing
You probably already are nothing
Most people are

22" x13" (with accompanying poem)

International Poetry Convention
New York

Royal Academy exhibition
Guggenheim Collection

One day you will be dead “One day you will be dead”

One day you will be dead
And you will mean nothing
You probably already are nothing
Most people are

Howdy Honky

Howdy Honky
How you doin?

Constructed figure
Felt, wool, wood,wire.

'Changing Faces' exhibition and Arts forum organised by The Guardian.

The Guardian collection.

Howdy Honky “Howdy Honky”

Howdy Honky
How ya doin?


Oil on canvas

20" x14"


face “face”

A face.
A painting.

a red red rose

red rose
crimson face
sucking on a fag

red rose
old bag
everything starting to sag

red rose
old hag
looks like a man in drag

red rose
all dried up
needs no more jam rag

Breakfast at Tiffany's

This morning
I had breakfast at Tiffany's
Tea and toast
This evening
I will dine at Tiffany's
Nothing more though
Tiffany has her period