Rajkumar Somorjit Singh

rajkumar Somorjit Singh

Location: India



Mask of Buddha “Mask of Buddha”

The throne of the father Taibang Panba Mapu or Atingkok is described in the text "Leithak-Leikharol" as sunyata or voidness; Again the Text "Leisemlon" also gives a valuable hint, Ahangba Sunya makgakti Atingkok (voidness) ki phambiney". So, the father is described as sunyata or Voidness or Atingkok. In the myth of Manipur, Pakhangba winning the throne of his father, that is realizing sunyata, which is literally represented as "knowing or recognizing father" or "mapa khangba" in the literature, can be interpreted as attending "Awakened one or Enlightened one". Buddha means "one who has awakened". The verbal root word "Budh" means "to be awake; to know; to perceive; to understand; became aware", which is exactly equivalent to the Meiteirol "Khangba". Pakhangba is a principal god of Manipur.