Donald W White

Artist Biography of Donald W White
About the Artist Donald W White is an artist originally from central Ohio, now living in Florida. As a second-generation artist, Don has always had a passion for drawing and painting. His father was a commercial artist who took his talents to World War II where he drew maps for the United States Army. It is from these roots that Don grew into the artist that he is today. With his father pasting when Don was very young and taking only minimal instruction in art, he taught himself art using his father’s art school books. Upon completing college, Don used his talent and skills to become an Electrical Engineer. Throughout his professional career, he has had numerous technical drawings to his credit. It has only been in the past ten years that Don has begun seriously investing more time pursuing his love of oil painting. His portfolio contains a wide variety of realism subjects including scenic beach landscapes, couples on the beach, famous sports figures, ballerinas, couples dancing, a retro girls series, and numerous others. He also has done surreal painting of butterfly girls, grumpy old Italian chef, legendary characters and others.
Don likes to believe each of his paintings tells a story, one the viewer can recreate. Over the years he has learned to develop his own unique style of figure painting with light and dark contrasting shadows. He is highly influenced by the work of Caravaggio and others of the Baroque period. Don plans to further his art career by painting figurative works of art that express his unique style.



Oil Painting of vintage figurative art.

Defying Gravity? “Defying Gravity?”

Defying Gravity?
In the movie, The Illusionist, Eisenheim (Edward Norton)
did not perform the trick of Levitation. So I was inspired
to paint the scene left out. Can an Illusionist really Defy
Gravity? Can you see the wires? Is Eisenheim really a

Hidden Transformation “Hidden Transformation”

her love is waiting to see the Hidden Transformation going on behind the changing screen.

Gypsy Queen “Gypsy Queen ”

The beautiful Ukrainian Gypsy Queen.

Ballroom Rose “Ballroom Rose”

Inspired by Dancing with the Stars,
I have created a painting with a
couple dancing the Rumba. The gal’s
dress color is called Rose, hence the
name Ballroom Rose. The symbol
in the upper right represents life.
First you start down a path, then
you go round and round. Finally
you get tired and complete your
path. This symbol could also
represent a dance. The other
symbols in the upper represents
the people watching the show.

Together at the Beach “Together at the Beach”

A couple in love sharing a day together at the beach.

Entering the Haunted Theater “Entering the Haunted Theater”

Entering the Haunted Theater
A beautiful lady in red is climbing the stairs to enter the theater with a man in the mirror intently looking on. The masks of comedy and tragedy beacon her to finish her ascent up the stairs. The talking bust down below also noticed her lovely presence in the Haunted Theater.