Bonnie Levinson

Bonnie Levinson is an interdisciplinary artist working in mixed media, painting and photography and is resident artist at the Arts Warehouse. She has worked in the arts in leadership positions in cultural institutions for more than three decades, as a museum and arts educator, curator, deputy director and vice president. During the last eight years, she returned to her passion for artmaking and a fulltime arts practice. Her work has been exhibited in California, Delaware, Vermont, Connecticut, Florida and Colorado. After her graduation from Kenyon College, she received a Thomas J. Watson Foundation Fellowship for post graduate independent study and arts travel abroad which led her to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching Museum Education at George Washington University. Classes and workshops at the San Francisco Art Institute, Anderson Ranch Art Center, City College of San Francisco and Colorado Mountain College have enhanced her art making studies. Levinson is a founding Board member of the Oxbow School in Napa, CA and the Gund Gallery of Kenyon College, a former trustee of the Kenyon Review, and a Trustee of the San Francisco Art Institute.


The light, sea and sky

Since moving to Southern Florida my palette has changed significantly to explore the soft colors and light of warm temperatures and sunny days.

Mapping Adventure “Mapping Adventure”

The joy of the freedom of movement in warmth

The Colors of Splendor “The Colors of Splendor”

The muted light as the day resumes.

The Keys to Life “The Keys to Life”

Acrylic with pen
72" x60"

Sky and Sea Turbulence “Sky and Sea Turbulence”

Mixed media with mica chips and pen
36" x36"
Part of Triptych if desired

Sea, Cloud, Mountains “Sea, Cloud, Mountains”

Mixed Media with mica chips
36" x36"
part of triptych if desired

Beach day “Beach day”

Mixed Media
36" x36"
Prt of triptych if desired