Annelies Wouters

Annelies Wouters

Location: Belgium

Annelies Wouters (1968) is a contemporary Belgian artist living in Antwerp. In 1993 she graduated from the graphic art department of the St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. She has been building a personal body of work that is exceptionally difficult to categorize and consists mainly of paintings, but also of graphic art and objects.

Her work is characterized by a self-developed visual language wich is also part of her vision of things, properties of her mind. She is inspired by personal experiences, visual fascinations, atmosphere and an orderly, controlled intuition. Her work is often the result of a methodical process maintaining a symbolic, schematic language.

Since ’93 regular exhibitions of her work have been held both in her own country as well as abroad. Her body of work is noted for its passion, originality and spontaneous order. Many of her works of art have received prizes and honourable mentions .