Enzo Forgione

enzo forgione

Location: Italy

Enzo Forgione: Contemporary Botanical Artist, based in Turin.
His favourite subjects are botanical and floral and specialises in orchids.
He works predominantly in oil.
email: enzo.forgione@yahoo.it
Degree in Scenic Design at the Fine Art Academy in Torino – Italy.
Many experiences between art and design follow after graduation until 2006, when he started painting full time. In 2009 his first solo exhibition in Turin.
He taps into nature for his inspiration, fascinated by colours, shape and patterns: a way to capture uniqueness. The artistic work is centred in various series which space from a realistic paint to one more extemporaneous which leaves space to experimentation.
In his latest series, named ‘Narciso’, the orchids are still the subject of the paintings but here the artist adds a new element: the reflection on water, which gives the paintings an intriguing wefts that may fow into abstracton.
Enzo took part in many international shows; as a member of the Society of Botanical Artists Enzo takes part in any annual exhibitions of the Society in London. At last year exhibition he was awarded the Great Art Award. His artworks are in private colletion in Italy and in the UK.
Selected Exhibitions:
2018 Turin A Fior D'Acqua @ Museo MIIT

2017 Parma 360° Festival @ Pirazzoli, Parma

2015 D'Arborea Vita Viventi, L'ArtGallery, Parma
IconaOrchidea, Assoc.TreA,Turin
2014 Orchidee , BIM Bank, Turin
2013 Dettagli a fuoco, Scooter, Turin
Fuuran , Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna
2011 Paratissima, Turin
2010 Paratissima, Teapot,Turin
2009 IconaOrchidea, Grande Galleria EDP,Turin

2018 Frankfurt The Seasonal Garden@ Plamengarten Gall
Madrid Tulipa,Tulipae @ Real Jardin Botanico
Bologna BolognaExpo18 @ Wikiarte Gallery
Turin Futurarte @ Galleria Folco

2017 Profumi Colori, La Meridiana, Modena
2016 Shape Pattern Structure, Westminster Central Hall, London
Flower Power, The Strand Gallery, London
2015 Expo2015, Wikiarte Gallery,Bologna
In Pursuit of Plants, Westminster Central Hall, London
2014 Sensazioni Artistiche', Mentana Gallery, Fllorence
Botanical Garden, Westminster Central Hall, London
Expo 2014 , MA-EC Gallery, Milan

2013 The Language of Flowers, Westminster Central Hall, London
Sensazioni Artistiche, Mentana Gallery,Fllorence
Estri in Parallelo, Chie Gallery, Milan

2012 Amore per l'Arte, Wikiarte, Bologna
Spirit of Art, MOYA (Museum of Young Art),Vienna
Spoleto Art Festival, Ciostro di S. Nicolo', Spoleto

2011 Flashback, The BrickLane Gallery, London
AC/BC, MarziaFrozen Gallery, Belin


Collana Arte Giorgio Mondadori:

- Sensazioni Artistiche, 2013

- Sensazioni Artistiche Secondo Volume, 2014

- Sensazioni Artistiche Terzo Volume, 2015 (Italian & English)


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