Longoni Katia

Longoni Katia

Location: Italy

Longoni Katia, lives and works in Verona.
She proved to have drawing skills in the very early age, encouraged by the creative atmosphere that she has always breathed between the walls of her house, and while she was growing she developed a deep sensitivity towards her surroundings.
She started to take her first steps on paper, drawing what her fantasy suggested in the form of comics.
She found in creativity a sort of magic antidote that leads to the discovery of new perceptions.
In her studies, to date, she found her artistic expression more in line with the figurative genre.
The human face, especially its gaze, is the subject from which the greatest artistic expression of Katia is emanated, her realistic depiction united to abstract or surreal elements gives voice to suggestions from the unconscious, recreating dreamlike and sometimes fairy-tale enviroments.


Lady Warriors

Volontà Indomita “Volontà Indomita”

50x70 cm - oil on canvas

Cicatrici “Cicatrici”

40x57 cm - oil on canvas - 2009

Anima 2 “Anima 2”

20x30 cm - oil on canvas - 2013

Empatia “Empatia”

108x78 cm - oil on canvas - 2008

Smarrita “Smarrita”

50x70 cm - oil on canvas - 2016

Alice “Alice”

70x70 cm - oil on canvas - 2016

Eterea “Eterea”

70x50 cm - oil on canvas - 2016

Il viaggio è nella testa “Il viaggio è nella testa”

70x50 cm - oil on 2 canvas - 2016