Phyllis Thomas

Over 30 years in fine art and business finance. , US Veteran,US Navy/Vietnam, specialty, Illustrator Drafts-person.. Attended under special studies at Art Center College & USCD.Honored by first place winning for nine consecutive years from 2007 to 2016 first place winning of art submissions. Participated in several exhibitions and art related venues and hosted solo art exhibits. Founder of an art veteran project, known as "The Veterans Art Venue", a project mission to empower veterans through art. Phyllis T. Miller is known for her art series, "Vibrant Nature & Universe Sensations" , "The Patriotic Arts" and "The Delicate Side of Nature"..


"Vibrant Nature & Universe Sensations"

"Man and Energy", is a visual image of positive pulsating energy when humanity and the universe become one.

Man & Energy “Man & Energy”

"Man & Energy" is visual energy, pulsating as humanity and the universe becomes as one.

"Love" “"Love"”

A visual collection of nature to describe the wonders f "Love."

Universe Travels “Universe Travels”

"Universe Travels" is a visual interpretation of man, time movement, and energy colors used.

Cleanse “Cleanse”

"Cleanse" is a transformation of water and its impact upon all surfaces.

Moon & Tranquility “Moon & Tranquility”

"Moon & Tranquility" is a visual of grace by the full moon, casting shadows upon the still waves.

Challenge Abyss “Challenge Abyss”

"Challenge Abyss,"
Landscape image of a snow mountain n Banff Canda, where artist Phyllis was mesmerized by its dynamics and great beauty. The blue hues captured the depth and the size of nature.

My Valley “My Valley”

"My Valley',
A fictitious scene where a small portion is an actual site of Santa Ynez Mountain, in California. Artist Phyllis resorts to this imaginary place as her place to relax within her guided imagery of sanctuary. The playful butterflies, all four of them, cam you pick out the butterflies/

Coastal Flow “Coastal Flow”

"Coastal Flow',
An abstract oceanic sene of streams of waves at the coast.

Coastal Serene “Coastal Serene”

"Coastal serene" is an abstract mage of midst laced above the ocean.

Desert Leaves “Desert Leaves”

"Desert Leaves" is a realism of the remarkable wonders of the desert and the leaves of branches of trees that produce unique visual splendors. The artist uses a pen and ink with acrylic to capture the beauty of nature.

A Presence in the Desert “A Presence in the Desert”

"A Presence in The Desert,"
Is it a visual tribute to a possible UFO visitor, or is it a simple moon shadow along the geometric shapes of a desert dune

Cave of Perception “Cave of Perception”

"Cave of Perception,' an animated and reflective image of light and shadows of pre-dawn streaming through one cave onto another, giving off a perceptive visual mystic.

Water is Life “Water is Life”

"Water is life."
Visual praise of the life-giving powers of water. The artists celebrate water to cleanse the body, purify the mind, and be a therapeutic pathway to evoke the senses.

"Celestial Kiss" “"Celestial Kiss"”

"Celestial Kiss," A surreal version of the artist's interpretation as to how "Day" & Night" greet each other in the form of a kiss. The image below is a sunset

God's Embrace “God's Embrace”

"God's Embrace,"
An abstract and a surealism combined creation of the power of an embrace by God. A unique technique is used to capture the twists and wrapped version of vibes and spirit

Vibrancy “Vibrancy”

A unique collection of colors to capture a version of the dynamics of the sky and the interactions of cloud patterns.

Celestial Salutations “Celestial Salutations”

Celestial Salutations", a Mystic version of beings giving salutation to the elements

Blue fluidity “Blue fluidity”

"Blue Fluidity', A geometric abstract of blue liquid of water blending from within.

Joe's Flow" “Joe's Flow"”

A visual tribute to the artist's first late cousin.Florence Griffith Joyner, 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics. The strong images of a community of Watts and to the ocean community of Santa Monica.

Breaking Free “Breaking Free”

"Breaking Free',
An abstract version of a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon.

Essence of Energy “Essence of Energy ”

"Essence of Energy',
A floating atmospheric of colors in a geometric pattern.

Heaven's Playground “Heaven's Playground”

"Heaven's Playground,"
Floating air, floating water, and clouds offer fun, playful, soul-searching tranquility, thus a playground in heaven.

Unfolding Day “Unfolding Day”

"Unfolding Day',
A mix media of abstract lines and waves formation of the colors of a day unfolding, offering each of us as our day unfolds.

Winter & Tranquility “Winter & Tranquility”

"Winter & Tranquility"
There is a delightful winter scene in 10 degrees below zero, where the snow grace the birch trees, casting lace shadows on the snow-covered surface.

From within “From within”

"From Within,"
A surreal scene in space, where atmospheric universe activity changes.

Man's Eternal “Man's Eternal”

"Man's Eternal",
A surreal universe through time, where man has evolved.

Patriotic Art Series

The patriotic art series is works devoted to the military and the veteran community. The art series offers visual tributes and honor as a means to communicate to the society at large, giving praise to the men and women of courage, and those among us today, living with the nightmares of past wars.

The Price of Freedom “The Price of Freedom”

"The Price of Freedom,"
A visual tribute to the men and women of the military and the veteran community.
The uniqueness of the creation is an appreciation and honor to those who served, those who place their lives in harm's way, and the devotion to t protect our ideal version of "freedom." A Vietnam Veterans USMC Marine gave the title to the artist's painting.

The Eye of The Sentinel" “The Eye of The Sentinel"”

A Visual Tribute to the women of our armed forces. To the community to veteran women, where they serve to protect our country.

Boots In Transformation “Boots In Transformation”

"boots in Transformation,
Phyllis's old Combat Boots has taken on a new transformation by way of hand-painted applied art.
Phyllis is serving in the art world, as before the military. "My art is now my service, and to empower the fellow veteran community with ar."