Grazyna Tarkowska


Location: France

Grazyna Tarkowska is Painter and Master in Plastic Arts. She was born in Poland, and she actually lives and works in France.

She made her studies at the University Nicolae Copernicus of Torun in Poland, she expresses herself by painting, sculpture, performances, drawing and poetry.

Grazyna Tarkowska is placed firmly in the Expressionnist current, even though she has a palette very closed to the french collorist tradition.

She makes portraits, nudes, and landscapes sometimes a little abstract.

Away from theories of "Art for Art" or conceptual art, Grazyna Tarkowska wants to convey a message through her paintings, a message of spirituality, mysticism, shared humanity.



"And then people say to me : "But your songs and your texts are really hard !", but in fact it is just tenderness, tenderness but without tears, tenderness based on pain, it's an answer to a scream, a scream that we can not hear but that we can guess..." Jacques Brel, French singer, 18/03/66

Citadella and gold leaves “Citadella and gold leaves”

80x100 cm
oil on canvas

An anavoidable truth “An anavoidable truth”

100x80 cm
oil on canvas

Far away “Far away”

mixed media on canvas - 50x40 - 2015

Jack “Jack”

mixed media on canvas - 80x60 - 2015

Aurora Borealis “Aurora Borealis”

mixed media on cardboard - 120x80 - 2015

Autumn and rain “Autumn and rain”

mixed media on canvas - 50x70 - 2015