Jolante Hesse

After a life changing event some years ago, I took up art to aid in the recovery process.
I simplified my life and now devote my time full time to painting.



Self Portrait 2011 “Self Portrait 2011”

Oil on canvas, 45x35cm

 The Family Head, Petrus “ The Family Head, Petrus”

Oil on canvas, 60x40cm

 The Genetic Bond “ The Genetic Bond”

Oil on canvas, 70x50cm

Leon the Artist “Leon the Artist”

Oil on Board, 45x35cm

An Interesting Man “An Interesting Man”

Oil on Board; 43x46cm

Twenty One “Twenty One”

Oil on Board, 45x35cm

Dignity “Dignity”

Oil on Board, 50x70cm

The French Girl, Jade “The French Girl, Jade”

Oil on canvas, 40x30cm