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Nadine Klink is a painter born in Forbach, France in 1989. She currently lives in Lille where she works as Psychiatrist. She started to paint at the age of 8 years old following the inspiration from her father who exposed her to the work of impressionist painters such as Van Gogh and Monet.
Following her parents’ divorce in 2001, she stopped painting and only started again in 2009 after several therapy sessions under hypnosis.
While not traditionally trained, Nadine found through painting a mean of expression, a necessity through which she could transcend her negative emotions. At that time she mainly used aquarelle paint. She appreciated its versatility and with water could modify her paintings to give them a singular texture.
Nadine’s techniques have evolved and while she still punctually uses aquarelle, she mainly paints with acrylic paint. This allows her to use bigger canvases and give her paintings the depth she desires.
Nadine paints in rather intuitive fashion, her movements aren’t controlled or thought of.
Each painting can be considered as a singular and spontaneous expression of part of her subconscious.



J’aime les nuages… les nuages qui passent…
là-bas… là-bas… les merveilleux nuages !

L’étranger – Charles Baudelaire

Space odyssey “Space odyssey”

Acrylic - 50x50cm


"Aucun vide, tout grouille partout. Le néant s'est suicidé, la création est sa plaie, nous sommes les gouttes de son sang, et le monde est le tombeau où il pourrit"
Georg Büchner, La mort de Danton.