Karen Kaback

I am Karen. Trained originally as a textile designer for fabric and companion wallpaper, I have moved on to mostly acrylic paintings. My specialty is flowers and trees, however, I am presently doing large abstracts with markers on paper. They are
very colorful, time consuming and intricate. I have had two paintings published recently in an online magazine. I continue to express myself through art and will until I can't paint anymore. Thanks for stopping by.


Karen K's Art

In this portfolio, you will see my acrylic works of mostly trees and flowers and brightly colored abstract drawings done with professional Blick markers.

"Mosaic Garden" “"Mosaic Garden"”

Acrylics on wrapped canvas.

"Mosaic Tree" “"Mosaic Tree"”

My depiction of how a tree would appear if it were all mosaic.

"Five Flowers" “"Five Flowers"”

A different kind of view of a tree in a garden

"Fall Birches" “"Fall Birches"”

This is a colorful rendition of birch trees painted on site in Flagstaff, Arizona.

"Palm Tree on an Island" “"Palm Tree on an Island"”

This is an acrylic painting on wood.

"Birches and Roses" “"Birches and Roses"”

Acrylics on canvas. I grabbed this painting that someone threw in the trash when it was just a bit of sky and two trees. I turned it into this! This painting has been published in "Red Fez" online magazine.

"Lotus Flower" “"Lotus Flower"”

A simple lotus flower. Namaste.

"Purple Tulips" “"Purple Tulips"”

This is a rendition of purple tulips in acrylics.Being reworked as I type this.

"Winter Birches" “"Winter Birches"”

This painting is done with acrylics on cardboard. It is a painting of birch trees on a cold winter day outside of my house in Flagstaff, AZ.

"Palm Tree" “"Palm Tree"”

Acrylics on canvas.

"Untitled" “"Untitled"”

This piece is part of a series done in professional markers, a new medium for me.

"Abstract" “"Abstract"”

Self- explanatory. Materials used are Blick professional markers and Canson paper

"Sunrise on the Horizon" “"Sunrise on the Horizon"”

Part of a series of drawings with markers

"Fire and Ice" “"Fire and Ice"”

Fire-hot, Ice-cold. I actually think this is one of my most intense abstracts, simply because during the process of drawing this one, I was able to feel hot and cold. I love the way it turned out.

"Fire and Ice, too" “"Fire and Ice, too"”

Similar to "Fire and Ice", only less intense.