Location: Denmark

Self-taught, Liyri had a passion for art since childhood. During the time, Liyri expressed his emotions through the abstract art and exploration of contrasts through rough techniques and unusual colors collaboration in one complete composition. He reinvestigates the soul, unconsciousness and body presence through Buddhism and deep meditation. This period drove him to accomplish of more than 200 large scale works of abstract expressionism paintings and sculptures. Some of the painting is 8 meters long. Liyri believes his art deals with senses of energy that exists apart from consciousness reality and manifest itself with a clear statement - `non-intentional power of immortal freedom that always been here`.


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Born to Fly, LIYRI 2016

`Born to fly`

Sculpture made of welded steel that has been burned. The size is 18 cm high.

`Born to fly` is a small person in this huge world. He is running, he is in action, he spends a lot of energy, he is burning himself devoting his flesh and life into the action of realization himself. A steel platform below him is relatively big, there is free open space for him, he is running into the unknown future. He will run and burn himself in this life until his wings took him into another world until he becomes released as an Angel. He was born in order to follow his destiny.
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Sand - Eternity, 2017, Denmark

`Eternity` is looking at the basic meaning of: sand, natural material; ocean, calm blue; space. An It is an abstract interpretation of something permanent, nature that has the richness and no value at the same time, touching eternity and time continuation beside of human being.

Paper A3. Continuation of SAND collection.
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Abstract positivism

Abstract positivism collection
2017, still in progress.


Vibrant colours with playful contract, an unusual collaboration of bright paint, mixed styles and great deepness in one complete composition. 

You won`t find an object, you won't find a subject to stick to. Each of the colours, styles, technique represents diversity and contrast of emotional power.

Sizes of the work:

paper - format A2 (42 x 59 cm)

Breakthrough, Flesh. 2017. LIYRI

You must Breakthrough even if no one think it is possible. Believe in yourself no matter what. FLESH, by LIYRI. 215 x 110 cm. Acrylic on canvas, handmade frame.


Work with structure, texture, styroglass. Telling the story by coming out from the wall :)

Done by Liyri. 2016.

Charizma “Charizma”

Talking and telling the story :)

Charizma - whispering “Charizma - whispering ”

Whispering - the story from my pure imagination

Whispering “Whispering”

Talk talk talk

Ocean “Ocean”

Story of the calm ocean