Holden Artist

Holden artist

Location: Italy

I'm italian, from Como; I live in Milano. I was influenced also by german culture, in particular two courses I attended in Bavaria and in Berlin.

My most complete page: http://www.equilibriarte.net/profile/colors.expressionism


Spontaneous painting

My painting and my thought.

Berlino oh dear! “Berlino oh dear!”

Composed during my stay in Berlin, in Kreuzberg.

Flood “Flood”

Composed in Milan in 2017, during a course. A reinterpretation of my spontaneous painting.

Actor “Actor”

Composed in 2016 in Milan.

Fiori pop “Fiori pop”

Composed in 2016 in Milan, inspired to Pop Art.

Born “Born”

Composed in 2004 in Como. One of my first paintings

Apparizione “Apparizione”

Composed in 2005 in Como. A mix of abstract and primitive elements.