Fabrizio Argonauta

Fabrizio Argonauta

Location: Italy

Born in 1965, I always loved creativity. Liceo Artistico e Accademia di Belle Arti (sculpture). For many years I travelled around the world as a photographer for Italian travel and tourist magazines (Meridiani, Tuttoturismo, Condé Nast Traveller etc.) when photography was still a matter of chemistry. It was a time when it was impossible to check the work in-situ until it was developed back at home. It was a time when you could be certain of your professional skills, a time I really do miss. A few years ago I decided to step down from the two dimensions of photography, as digital photography became available to all, to the three dimensions of sculpture. It Is this last work that I would like to share with you live in my countryside Home Gallery. www.aipaian.it


Old Rusty Tools

Mine is an art-form of chance or coincidences. By using old tools with no welding or bolts I am able to produce figures and abstracts that are all held together either in a delicate balance or by interlocking individual pieces. As I work together with the individual pieces it is pure coincidence that they fit together to form art. There is no project, only a continuous search for the relationship of the pieces that fate has put into my hands, on the timescale 'he' decides. The result is a collection of strong but delicate art-works. Delicate because a simple knock would send them crashing to the ground . Strong because the rusty metal components are unbreakable and can be reassembled but never in the exact original format. Life is in a state of flux and my sculptures are no exception. KEYWORDS: Wabi Sabi - Coincidence - Balance - Temporary - Time - History - Metamorphosis - Irony - Functional use - Work - Childhood - Re-use