Marco Barberio

Marco Barberio

Location: Italy

I never attended art school, my life has always been marked by the dualism between artistic creativity and entrepreneurial skills. I consider myself a self-taught, and as such I have always sought autonomy in my way.
I love to paint urban landscapes, basically places I visit. Everything starts from a photograph I shoot with a clear idea. I prefer situations in which there is strong color contrasts, where I can express myself better with my technique.
Also I paint portraits because I have been always fascinated. I think that being able to create a portrait that be similar to the original is a spell, and I find my greatest satisfaction when that happens. By doing this I always try to balance the two forces that lead me to paint: the first one marked realism the other to a more conceptual simplification of traits.



The idea is to capture the vital breath of the city through the flow of people's life on the streets. My research starts from the streets of New York, passing through San Francisco and Washington in the United States and continues in Europe to London, Barcellona, Milan and Rome. The cities I choose for my project, are cities I am involved with.
So to speak, our paths have crossed and mutually changed their course. With my paintings, I tell the beginning of a story, leaving as always to the viewer, the freedom to imagine the continuation according to his own experience.
Through the experiential learning of the metropolitan fabric, I become aware and I take possession of the urban space that surrounds me.At this stage I will take some photos to be used as a reference when the paintings are made. In my cinematographic shots, I am not just a spectator, but also a protagonist: being present, I actively interact with the surrounding space and I alter its fulfilment invisibly.

Apple of Sign “Apple of Sign”

My personal representation of the Biblical Original Sin in a modern way. The Apple store is the Garden of Eden, the woman in the foreground is Eva, who did eat the apple to Adam. New York City is the backdrop for this event, the place where the mankind is forced to live banished from Eden. My painting language is the “sampled realism”, read more on

Pawnshop “Pawnshop”

As a frame of a movie, the scene suggests a stereotypical pattern of black people. Two men leaning against a limousine, seem to talk about shady deals, in the background a pawnshop. All set in a black neighborhood in New York City. Is this the truth, or is it just what our experience suggests us? You have to wonder about this.
Based on a shot done by R. McCarthy.

Herald Square “Herald Square”

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 100x100 cm
Date: Dec 2016

The Corner “The Corner”

Painting in the street of New York City. The Corner!
Medium: Acrilico su tela
Size: 100x80 cm
Date: Jul 2017

Apple Store “Apple Store”

A painting of Apple Store in New York