Menno Vos

I was born in Dordrecht in 1958 and now live in Apeldoorn.

My art started with photography and my love for travel. While traveling I would photograph everything that I saw, focusing on the composition. During the past five years I have been introduced to a variety of artistic endeavours and found myself experimenting with abstract painting. I would now consider myself to be purely an abstract painter.

My inspiration is the people I meet, the images I see, and the emotions that I feel while travelling. My work is the result of my desire to understand people. Full of colour, depth, and sometimes a bit mysterious, my paintings always come from the heart and show who I am and what I love in life.

I have exhibited around the Netherlands, twice in New York and in Las Vegas. In 2017-2020 I had exhibitions in Apeldoorn (Holland), Turin, Lisbon, Vienna, Madrid, Hamburg and New York.
My paintings are published in international art books and magazines (in USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, United Kingdom).

I am an enthusiastic participant in art gallery PS20 in the town of Apeldoorn.