Nadezhda Podrezova

My work can be seen in private collections in Russia and abroad.
I have shown my work at exhibitions in 2014 (Yamal) and 2015 (Murmansk Region).
I was born in 1981, in a small settlement on the Yamal peninsula, northwest Siberia, Russia.
Attended and graduated from an art school, continued studies as an apprentice of a well-known painter.
Currently reside in Vologda, Russia.


Yamal. Polar Tales

I was born and raised in the north of Siberia, on Yamal.
Yamal (which means "the End of the Land") is the most fabulous and fascinating place I've ever seen! Illimitable tundra and reindeer herds, thousands of lakes and flocks of birds, the stunning beauty of polar lights and endless polar night...
I love my motherland and my birthplace, though it's only a tiny part of the huge country and there are more reindeers than people here. It is a different Russia and I feel like revealing its beauty to the world. What do you know about Russia? Cold winters ... they can be as cold as minus 55 C, but feel warm thank to the warmth of human relations. Russia is famous for its forests with sky high trees, but in the tundra you'll have to look down to see its dwarf trees. Big cities, megacities...not only! There are tiny settlements where you can get only by air or by dog-sled. And there are people who live in reindeer-skin tents ("chum") moving with their herds, hunting and fishing, like the Nenets, innates of Yamal. I can't keep all these to myself, I want to share my love and emotions - so I paint landscapes and portraits.

Polar Tale. Lights “Polar Tale. Lights”

Aurora - the mysterious Northern Lights. One of the most fascinating, magnificent and grand spectacles one could ever see.

Scouting for Prey “Scouting for Prey”

Feel the biting wind and the sun dazzling your eyes...take a look at horizonless glittering an iconic denizen of the snowy Arctic scouting for prey in this silent wilderness. It is not a fantasy. It is a part of my fadeless memories which I want to share with you.

Tradind Post. Yamal, 1930 “Tradind Post. Yamal, 1930”

Yamal Trading Posts in Soviet Russia were established by government for two main purposes - to provide the hunters with all necessary equipment, clothes, foodstuff, household goods and to purchase furs from the hunters. Factories could serve simultaneously as market, warehouse, customs, defense and support to navigation or exploration, government of local communities.
Snowy tundra and lack of home comforts - nowadays trading posts are still a necessity. Their main task is to provide the population with essential goods.