Jani Jan J.

jani jan j.

Location: Austria

Jani Jan J. is an internationally renowned and award-winning artist. He presents his works internationally on biennials (Florence - Barcelona - Palermo - Izmir - Bienale), fairs and private exhibitions. Since 2016, Jani is "Ambassador for Austria and Greece" of the Foundation Costanza. Jani Jan J. is a painter, a sculptor and a qualified art therapist in multimedial direction (ÖAGG vienna). Jani Jan J. is the founder, curator and director of the international, annual event "Art and Culture in Staatz"

Art is a powerful tool - I am convinced that the music of colors is moving people, that the language of forms makes people discuss with each other. Art is infinite in its diversity, working constantly with colors and forms, and thereby the inner dialogue, let me continually discover something new.