Frans Frengen

frans frengen

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1958 - First oil painting was bought by an expert from Antwerp ( At the age of ten.) with those favorable words: “We …will hear still of you. Go further. …”
also already some local exhibitions.
1976 - Competition A Blomme for sculpture (jury and exhibition)….
1977 - Famous Artists school of N.Y. testimonial after three years for publicity and illustration .
With artists as Alan Parker, Norman Rockwell and other renowned artists
1978 - My beginning at the academy of Mechelen, in painting and sculpture: prof:. T Blickx: , L Eyckermans (director), Gust Dierikx., Frans Walravens, JP Teurlinckx
- competition Langbenn. (laureate).
- competition “Van Campenhout”. (laureate)
- competition Bernaerts. (laureaat). - Competition Alfons Blomme for painting (jury - exhibition)
1984 - sculpture by Frans Van den Brande.
1985 - price as most deserving student of the academy. (laureate).
- Diploma higher art education for painting and sculpture
- large understanding sculpture.
- large understanding art history.
- large understanding. Finalisation (paint.)( J-P Tuerlinckx
’80 – ‘86 - a lot of selections and exhibitions: Award of Ostend, Award of Ronse, Ninove, Strombeek, Bellegem, Buggenhout , exhibition in 10 cities of Germany..
- Londerzeel: Out of the academic streetjacket…an exhibition "all is other".. Great interest from the academy.
First fumagine (1978-1982),
- Award Louis Weiller – Palais De Beaux-Arts, Paris
- Award Marc Macke ( NHISK Antwerpen)
- Award Ernest Albert sculpture ( jury …)
- … ( selection, jury and exhibitions), Humorfestival Knokke, politic cartoon Knokke, exhibition “ Neues Wildes ” with my friend Javar. My sculpture : “de ontknoping” much praise of Henri Lanoy. “ Mijn Londerzeel” painting in the municipally house
- married Lydia daughter of Victor George (1919-1989) artist, cartoonist , (La libre Belgique; cartoons), master-r in glass-art.
- By BAVO Tiebos for glass and “ application” art.
- Nomination “Jeans Compagnie..” between ten academies from of the 10 best designs
– new start; my sculpture “de ontknoping” had his place in the park of the O.C.M.W
– First place for strips Ganshoren
– SMAK (19-01-2000) letter fromJ. Hoet “ We believe in the intrensic quality of your Works. We hope you will keep in touch in the futrure.” Also letters with praise from galleries in Claude Bernard, ..) and Contrast....
- Galleryj "kunstsite and art-Belgium"
- teacher at academy of drawing Londerzeel.
2004 - 2005
- director at the Centrum(basic)school at Londerzeel
- Hasselt, Wimmertingen: galerie de oude barrier
- Sint Truiden: 4 Roses Art Gallery permanent
- Fine Arts Online Gallery Castor & Pollux
- Knokke-Heist . selection humorfestival
- after all… my live become only art in 2006
cc.Malderen; "it used to be..."
- Canada;galerie 1225 Art & Vin Québec;
- Londerzeel : cultuurhuis Gerard Walschap
- Netherl:Art Salon Holland
- NYC. Uitnodiging van Amsterdam Whitney fine Art gallery, Chelsea, NYCj.
- sculptor, painterby BB-art
- Amsterdam( The Netherlands):Waterland Art Gallery; Al Broek in Waterland:
-article in Tableau: Fine art magazine A'dam 11/09 -.
- Ostend: Galerie Theobald's Boothuisje.(06-12)
- frans frengen on artnet Netherlands :
- Dendermonde: " Pieter Pauwel kunstgalerie"
- Den Haag: "Galerie Lissabon" contract for exhibition
- prolong Ostend: Galerie Theobald's Boothuisje.
- New York: Amsterdam Whitney Fine Art Gallery, Chelsea, New York : (06-07)
- Ostend: Galerie Theobald's Boothuisje.
-, (Brugge)
- Ixora "flower Art" ;Wemmel: permanentie ( 2010- 2011)
- CCGérard Walschap Londerzeel; (09/11)
-Watou Frontart: 2 locations: Douviehoeve and graanschuur ( i.n.v KVBKB)(07-08);
-Netherlands; the island Marken event: "KUNST IN ZICHT" (06/11)
-Gent, Citadelpark : CAT (05)
-Galerie Ludwig Trossaert; Antwerpen: (03-04)
- Rotterdam; galeryj COOPvaert., Bikkel ; Kunst aan de kade(01-04)
- Ostend: Galerie Theobald’s Boothuisje (01)
- featured artist of the week vivid Artnetwork.
- Galerie Ludwig Trossaert; Antwerp (7/10-29/10)
-Italië: Hotel Ferrara, Largo Costello, 36. Solo (14/07- 30/09)
-Germany; Gladenbach; municipally house (05/11 permanent).
- Portugal: 2th prolong Lissabon ( Portugal).Galeria Colorida de arte. (08)
- Italië ( Ferrara): Estense Castle. Exhibition " Here Now"( Vivid Arts Network international)(05)
-Italië ( Bologna): TIA : Trevisan International Art - site
-Italië Bologna: Galeria de Marchi (05/11)
-Los Angeles "Artslant" USA, special edition ART Brussels, insider* Frans Frengen ( more than 1000x a day)
- Lissabon ( Portugal).Galeria Colorida de arte. (04) Lissabon ( Portugal).Galeria Colorida 1th prolong (05-08)
-NYC : Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, INC.- site :with your wonderful museum-caliber art!"
(a lot of invitations to exhibit:Paris, La Rochelle ,NYC, Canada, Florence, Tel-Aviv …).
- …: Hamburg ; Marziart int.
- 05: Italië: with Vivid Arts Network
- 04/2012- 09/2012 Germany ( Mannheim): Gallery Böhner


Fumagine: to paint with a flame

I create my work lying on my back under the horizontal canvas with the flame of a candle. Ans there is a square the viewer can change ( to engage or to dispute with the artist...or it's only a signature.

I, the lost pearl. “I, the lost pearl.”

Who is the pearl, who is lost.
with certificat and signature
changeable square.

my bunny is over the ocean. “my bunny is over the ocean.”

100x70 cm
changeable square

afraid of humanity “afraid of humanity”

100x70 cm
changeable square