Bee Bantug

borne of light:
hints at genesis unfolding:
unseen worlds in a speck of dust
fractal dimensions untold
hold still this quantum moment

On the trail or in river waters, I stop in my tracks
often in mid-step momentarily suspended:
In space. In time.
There in that stillness within, everything breathes as one:
wind, sun, voices in the water, trees…
All at once, moving as one, we co-create.
In silence.

Often, brief verses such as these which E Bee Bantug wrote after yet another recent intense moment of delightful art creation, encapsulates and expresses the profound awe and overwhelming gratitude she experiences at every turn as creation unfolds from within her outward in front of her very eyes. And ether –that 'mysterious substance once thought to suffuse the universe' as a dictionary puts it– is alive and pregnant. Indeed, ether along with light, are the bountiful medium and matrix that animate and drive her photographic art.

She purposefully and deliberately uses her camera as paintbrush: racing after movements of light in the ether, she shapes and, literally, as well as figuratively, paints abstract images aiming to penetrate beyond surface realities.
And, through all possible ways, she strives to push, blur, and bridge the edges between photography and painting. Offering up more than eye-candy, she challenges the viewer to look at her images from varying distances. Or, with inner eyes peeled, to catch glimpses of inter-dimensional forces at play in the common everyday objects and the natural world around that she photographs –each image a tribute and testimony to omnipresence and co-creation. The elusive is-ness made evident . . . ever naturally, entirely un-Photoshopped.

Practicing this art form is an unending joyful journey of discovery that has become a veritable meditation practice for E Bee; the rewards of which often reveal astounding breakthroughs behind the proverbial veil. Each imagery is a visual presence; a communion with the abundantly rich reality and vital essence rarely accessible, vaguely perceptible, yet that which at each and every moment infinitely surround our busy lives.

Completely self-taught, her work has been jury-selected for live auctions at museum art gala fundraising events these past 4 years. Occasionally, as her work schedule as an IT business co-owner and graphic designer allows, she has joined online art competitions which has consistently awarded her art. Her work are on exhibition at fine art galleries in US and Europe this year.

June 30, 2017

UPDATE: 30 March, 2023
My work manifests vivid expressions of typically unseen yet often powerfully felt vibrations in the aether, the inescapable frequencies surfacing from deep within our consciousness, both as singular soul interacting with a universal collective and what we know as All That is. I move and flow into moments of creation without any definitive plan formulated. Nonetheless, while each moment is seemingly a blank slate and state in time space, it is ever so full, energetically, of the myriad hopes, dreams, intentions of actualization for oneself and for All. Nothing comes from nothing.

'Zeitgeist: Within Without' is an ongoing series of exploration I began early 2020. As with all my previous photographic works, I use my camera as one would use a brush; and natural light as one would use watercolor, to create (not take) one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable images that inevitably express a quantum moment : a veritable authentic slice of infinitely tantalizing possibilities. Each imagery made possible by light, my consciousness and eyes; made real and tangible with the use of an iPhone. As before and as always, I do not manipulate any of my images, digitally or otherwise.

I invite the world to keep an open mind and an open heart; to wonder at, and embrace, All That Is, both seen and unseen.


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