Tika Gilbert

Born and raised in Bermuda, Tika moved to London in 2008 after a career change from Interior Design to study Architecture where she currently resides. She began constructing architectural models in plaster and concrete and using charcoal drawing to represent her ideas in detailing. Her influences and inspiration is a juxtaposition between abstract expressionism and architectural craftsmanship. Her palette remains within plaster, charcoal with an introduction of iron filler as a color. The plaster is used as the primary medium to underpin the structure of texture and gives her the freedom to build sculpturally and focus on delicate details as necessary. Using the entire canvas to tell a story, the details aim to explore a subjective narrative, whilst creating a tangible embodiment of vitality. In doing this she hopes to communicate with the basic human emotion and ideas.

Moreover, she has exhibited in group exhibitions and her art was selected in the first round of the Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition 2017 in London.

Website: www.tikagilbertart.com

Email: info@tikagilbertart.com