Iris Hope

Iris Hope resides in Aspen, Colorado. After pursuing professional careers in Speech Pathology and Dentistry, she now paints full time focusing on portrait and figurative subjects. Using oil as her medium, her preference is to paint from life. She also references the many photographs she has taken over the years to inspire her compositions. Initially self-taught, iris Hope has studied with several highly recognized representational artists including David Leffel, Milt Kobayashi, Carolyn Anderson, Jeremy Lipking, and most recently with Ron Hicks in his Denver studio. Her goal as an artist is to create representational art that expresses the beauty of form through strong design and the play of light across shapes. She seeks to capture the soul of her subjects, expressing a mood or emotion through their posture or gaze. Iris Hope has been influenced by the great masters of painting- Rembrandt, Valazquez, Degas, and John Singer Sargent.



The Piano Man “The Piano Man”

oil on canvas

Girl in Blue “Girl in Blue”

Oil on Canvas Board

Untitled “Untitled”

Oil on Canvas