Gunilla Lindberg

Gunilla Lindberg

Location: Sweden

My thoughts about art revolves around our need for art that I see as something timeless and existentially conditioned. Art is important because it provides people an opportunity to understand themselves, and also the world.
For me it is suitable to dare to let my technique go and more to trust my intuition. I think that the intuition is authentic and in touch with what is in the unconscious.
I choose my technique and composition with the hope to arouse feelings or thoughts. When I look at art I sometimes feel a flow.
I become free from myself and feel a certain calm. Possibly it depends on the recognition that is one of our most important abilities. Art as a liberator of mankind and art that can build relationships between us.

I have a Degree of Master of Arts. In addition to Sweden I have had exhibition in France, Germany, Sicily, Belgium, Estonia, Israel, Denmark.

My website: galleri/Gunilla


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