Location: Italy

Born in 1974, resident in Pescara, are self-taught and the studies carried out were in another direction: Economics graduates currently hold the profession of Doctor of Commerce.
After a first period dedicated to sculpture, there was a permanent extension lasting nearly twenty years. Since December 2014, I have resumed the "two dimensions" for time and space, leaving sculpture and dedicating myself to making acrylic paintings, producing about 350 jobs in about two years.
I love painting abstract landscapes but in the last period I'm pushing a painted faces of imaginary people that really exist.
Painting for me is "locking the time" that exact moment; my painting is often a faded memory and so my work is "consumed, erased from time". Sometimes the objects of my paintings are glimpses of walls that are also eroded by time, with mosses and mushrooms that - over time - grow on the surface.
The time that passes inexorably is the main theme of my work.
I also come from a beautiful experience with clay manipulation and therefore I love sculpture, the third dimension, the sense of touch and my paintings are characterized by touches that are well perceived to both the touch and the naked eye..


My Evolutions

Thi is My art Evolutions