Gerardo La Porta

Gerardo La Porta

Location: Italy

Self-taught artist, after various studies and works, begins to follow his passion, painting, experimenting with new ideas and techniques.
He start to exhibit with a group of friends in the early 90's throughout the Campania Region, then in various Italian cities such as Rome, Verona, Milan and Palermo.
Also he participates in international competitions and exhibitions such as Malta, Venezuela, London, Finland (Turku), Romania (Constanza), Spain (Cambrils).
He takes a reflective break that leads him to spin the world, knowing new cultures and new places, dazzled by Egyptian and Turkish art. Finally, Gaugain's Museum in Polynesia hypnotizes him. Behind the advice of friends, he begins to paint again, and returns to his hometown where he now works and has his own studio.
He adopts a customized style, based on African decorative lines on any painted subject, both portraits of women, landscapes, and abstract.


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