Víctor Mauricio Rodríguez Romero

Contemporary artist from Costa Rica, I am currently in my third artistic period, I am currently exporting to 8 countries. My art is organic inspired by nature and space, my current collection called "nebulae" represent stellar deaths that are life made color, each light and space create life.



Nebulae, this word so great creates my new collection of works of art inspired by stellar deaths and taken to the canvas to fill each space with life.

"Sunset" “"Sunset"”

36 x 48 Inches 2017 .Acrilic

"Miradas de la Vida"

Inspirado en la naturaleza de mi país , cada obra está llena de vida y el color representa cada ser vivo que en ella vive .

"The Lagoon" “"The Lagoon"”

Painted in the year 2016, the lagoon is full of life and each spatulate represent the water flowers and the colors of life that inhabit it.