William Leung

Self taught, most of my drawing and painting techniques are developed through personal exploration. At the age of 17, I picked up an airbrush and have loved using it ever since. It is my art tool of choice. The airbrush allows me to paint broad patterns or fine detail whenever I want. I’m able to mix colors right on the canvas without switching colors. It’s versatility is the reason I use it.

While my passion is painting, my objective is storytelling. Every one of my completed paintings tell a story. I believe every blank canvas awaits a story to unfold. There are moments in life that cannot be described with words. The visual path is the best language as it allows each individual to experience and interpret it their own way.


Leung Fine Art

I paint the challenges, triumphs, dreams, and fears of the childhood event. As children, we have our own perspectives and views of what we see and experience. These events ultimately shape us as adults. My paintings bring us back to those times of youth, innocence, learning, and growing. I present, through my vision, the untainted moments we all experience as youngsters. Those are the moments I hope to capture that has so long escaped us.

Through my art, I am able to tell these stories where words alone cannot. With a simple title, composition, and some paint, my art continues speaking where words fall short. It leaves more to the imagination and open to interpretation while granting a different experience for each individual.


The Uninvited Guests “The Uninvited Guests”

A baby boy is mesmerized by a number of uninvited guests glowing about him. He is intrigued and entertained by what he sees. Through the reflection of the sunglasses, the viewer is able to see the wonder that captures the attention of the little boy.

A Beautiful Day “A Beautiful Day”

It’s an early Sunday morning at the beach. The waves are breaking and the wind is blowing. This little girl is looking forward to a great day swimming, playing, and just enjoying her day outdoors in the sand and ocean water. No phones, no emails, no social media. Just fun in the sun and it’s going to be a beautiful day.

Reflections From Yesterday “Reflections From Yesterday”

Loss, for some of us, comes early in life. We all experience it at one point or another during our lives. It is never easy to move forward from tragedy, but necessary in order to continue on with life. Each one of us will cope and heal in their own way and in their own time. And when grief and sadness has run its course, life can be beautiful again.

Small Talk About A Blue Balloon “Small Talk About A Blue Balloon”

Here, a boy negotiates with a girl for one of her balloons. Watch our children and we’ll remember the simple things in life bring about happiness just the same. Spend time with family, be charitable, help a neighbor, pass on a smile, or just share a blue balloon with a friend. Sometimes, that’s all you need to make a great day.

Sunday Morning Traditions “Sunday Morning Traditions”

It’s an early Sunday morning and a father takes his son to the local airfield. He pilots his single engine Cessna for a few laps up in the sky. The sun is just breaking behind the clouds and it looks to be a beautiful day and a tradition now passes from father to son.

Friends “Friends”

Two new members of the family meet for the very first time. It’s a new beginning and friendship for the both of them. They don’t know it yet, but it will be a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Spiderman Versus The Hulk “Spiderman Versus The Hulk”

A boy wearing a Spiderman mask stands frozen in front of a statue of the Incredible Hulk. He is amazed by the shear size of the statue. Undeterred, the boy stands ready for the inevitable confrontation.

I Am Superman “I Am Superman”

There is a hero in every one of us. All it takes sometimes is a red cape, clothespins, and the inspiration. Our children know it to be true.

The Look “The Look”

Sometimes, your child will give you ‘The Look’ and you know that’s your kid. It’s that expression they present that you will always remember them by. Whether it be funny, sad, happy, or somewhere in between, it’s unforgettable and warms our hearts. And it serves as a reminder the reason why we had them in the first place.

Almost And Ready “Almost And Ready”

We’ve all experienced that moment taking family photos. It’s so difficult to get all of your children looking at the camera and smiling at once. Just trying for one smile is hard enough. Here, two brothers pose for a family photo. The younger brother is ready for his shot while the older one just isn’t quite there yet.

A Special Bond “A Special Bond”

There is a special bond that lies between mother and child. All mothers feel it and I wanted to show that here, a painting of a mother and her son. There is nothing else like it.

Big Dreams “Big Dreams”

Children are big dreamers, wanting to be someone great when we grow up. A professional athlete, courageous firefighter, hero police officer, life saving doctor, and even president. We may never become who we dream to be. The wonderful part of it all is, we can always have ‘Big Dreams.’

Yum “Yum”

There’s no secret here to how much this little girl loves her cake. No need for words here. Her expression and cake crumbs say it all. With our children, all it takes is one look, and you know exactly what they’re saying. It’s just magical.

I Am Little Fist “I Am Little Fist”

Our children are wonderous beings in our lives and they discover things we as adults no longer observe. Every little object is of interest to them, and it’s a beauty to see when that happens. Here, a baby notices the fist in front of him and it grabs his attention. For him, it is something new and exciting. And the best part is, he has a front row seat to a whole new world.

First Ocean “First Ocean”

Children encounter many first time experiences. Their first laugh, first cry, first touch, and many more. Here, a little girl experiences her “First Ocean” for the very first time with her grandpa. She’s a bit overwhelmed with all the water and crashing waves. Grandpa sees this and cautiously brings her little feet down into the water.

Mommy Isn't Done Yet “Mommy Isn't Done Yet”

A little girl waits patiently in the shade for her mother, resting her arms on top of a plastic lawn chair. She wonders when mommy will be done all the while staring at something that demands her attention. We can only wonder what it might be.

Angel Eyes “Angel Eyes”

Some children have the most beautiful eyes. This little girl’s are no exception. When I look into her eyes, I see and feel her beauty and loveliness. She is a sweet heart. Her eyes say it all.