Jon Fielding

Jon trained as an Architect and Designer in Sheffield, England and has been involved in the curation and gathering of art for a number of design exhibitions over recent years.
He works predominantly with photography, collage and digital mixed media and lives in London, UK.


Assemblage Series 1: Photography Of Chance

A series of mixed media photography prints.
Black & White photography with assemblage layering effects and transluscent colour plate overlays.

Collage Series 2021

Inspired during recent lockdown period over the last year, Jon created a series of original abstract collages, assembling images from the past, characters old and new curated in abstract imaginary backdrops. More to see at

Untitled “Untitled”

original collage on paper

Laughing Man “Laughing Man”

original collage on paper

Folk Scene 01 “Folk Scene 01”

original collage on paper