Latoya T.

Latoya Tidd, a Trinidadian- born artist, has always held a passion for art.
"My work reflects my deep passion for nature and the human figure (portrait) which I have always held since childhood. Landscapes, seascapes, birds and aquatic life stimulate themes for my subject matter. Nature itself teems with captivating images that can be quite therapeutic for the human mind. It is my aim, therefore, to recreate this through my art and generate a sense of awe, wonder and peace. We live in a fast- paced world, governed by schedules so intense that relaxation, for most, has become a myth. I believe that my art should serve as a muster point in life, where the viewer meets a place they consider their personal sanctuary, since it may not always be possible to escape to a scenic location."


The Genesis Collection

In my recent body of work, the Genesis Collection, I began using mahogany wood as my ‘canvas’. It provides a great surface for texture and further creates a rustic and an authentic material from which I work.

Togetherness “Togetherness”

Media: Oils , Acrylics

Night Flashes “Night Flashes”

Media: Oils, Acrylics