David Lee

Surrealist painter run amok. After diving into cubism and curvilinear constructs, David Lee is now in his Byzantine deconstructivism phase. Forty years of oil painting will do that to you.


David Jay Lee

The oil paintings of David Jay Lee.

Lilies of the Valley “Lilies of the Valley”

Oil on Canvas 3 foot by 4 foot

Delirious Day Lilies “Delirious Day Lilies”

Oil on Canvas 24 x 36

Angelicatomica “Angelicatomica”

Oil on Canvas 18 x 24

Byzantafantasia “Byzantafantasia”

Oil on Canvas 24 x 36

Wave Particle Beach “Wave Particle Beach”

Oil on Canvas 24 x 36

Field is the World “Field is the World”

Oil on Canvas 16 x 20

Fractal Citadel “Fractal Citadel”

Oil on Canvas 24 x 36

Ascendant Apples “Ascendant Apples ”

Oil on Canvas 8 x 10