California artist, Therese has been creating art all her life. She is mostly self taught, and works in graphite, colored pencil, watercolor & ink, and acrylic & oil paint. Therese also has a background in ceramics and loves to "Raku" fire her ceramic pieces, creating an instant ancient effect. She is currently creating "Power Portraits" for people in colored pencil, which combine many elements from thier lives that give them a feeling of joy & power. This combines Therese's love of art and spiritual pursuits, with which she wishes to empower her clients & viewers. She has been teaching others how to create art for many years, beginning with learning how to draw by accessing the right side of the brain, the visual creative hemisphere.. She has taught thousands of people in classes, private lessons, small & large groups and at the corporate level. Therese has had the pleasure of teaching at some of California's elite resorts, and is currently working on making her classes & workshops available to a wider audiance. For more information about Therese & her artwork, visit her website at and also visit her Facebook page Dancing Peacock Productions to view constantly added artworks


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