Morris E. Docktor

Formal study -Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts
50 years of continual full time portrait commissions in oil painting pastel , and watercolor . Sculptural l portraits in bronze , and Murals . I work from life or your favorite photos .
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Morris Docktor

Most of my work is commissioned Portraits both in Painting and in Bronze Sculpture and murals
I do create works as a personal expression. This portfolio has examples of both .
Naturally my patrons expect my portraits to be representational but I work in more expressionistic and abstract manor for my on personal pieces .
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Bronze Bust of Charles Robeling “Bronze Bust of Charles Robeling”

I was commissioned to create the Bronze portrait by the Robeling Museum
The Robling company build the Brooklyn Bridge and many of the great American suspension bridges in America.

Mary Magdalene “Mary Magdalene ”

This painting was exhibited in the Ellarslie Museum . It was inspired by the closed form painting style of the Northern Renaissance .

Spanish Shawl “Spanish Shawl”

Oil painting 24"x 30"

Hands of Gershwin “Hands of Gershwin ”

This oil painting was used in TV production of Gershwin's life .
It was also reproduced in a limited addition print series.
This is the original painting .

Exstasis “Exstasis ”

Oil on canvas 24"x 30"

Lion “Lion ”

Commissioned bronze memormorial

Turning to the light “Turning to the light ”

Acrylic on canvas 30"x 30"

Diagonal slash “Diagonal slash ”

Charcoal and White chalk on cotton fiber paper
18"x 24"

Bronze portrait bust detail “Bronze portrait bust detail”

Commissioned bronze portrait head

Bronze Puto with fish “Bronze Puto with fish ”

A commissioned water feature

Ballet slippers “Ballet slippers”

Charcoal and white chalk on paper
18"x 24"

Golden “Golden ”

Ed pastel portrait

Sushi “Sushi ”

Pastel on paper 18"x 24"

English setter “English setter”

Pastel on paper
18"x 24"

Boxer “Boxer ”

Commissioned pastel portrait