Giorgi Makharasvili

Giorgi Makharasvili

Location: Georgia

Hello everyone, I'm Giorgi Makharasvili from Tbilisi Georgia. i was born in 1988. I'm studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art (2005-2011). Now I'm live in Tbilisi . From 2011 I work at Tbilisi state academy of Arts, as a lecturer of fine art of drawing.
What I would like to express through my works ... I am trying to bring out , expressing deep mistical conections berween human and his inside invisible universes, personal sadenchanges and transpormations non specific face of different conditions. My works material depends from the idea, that is why frequent echievement effects are done with different experiments. This gives me more posibility to express an ideas and find the unique lines the composition needs. I'm express human like face of the inside dinamic leiers, the existion of mistical infinity behind human which always eccompanys his personality.
I also like work with sculpture .I like the variety of opportunities and freedom which the Art can give for a person.


My Art

Violin Player “Violin Player”

Violin Player - Oil on cardboard 100 x 70 cm. (2011)

 Ambition “ Ambition ”

Ambition - Oil on Cardboard 92x53 cm. (2011)

Grace “Grace ”

Oil on Cardboard 100x70 cm. (2010)

Figure “Figure”

Figure - Oil on Cardboard 100x70 cm. (2010)

Metamorposis 3 “Metamorposis 3”

Metamorposis 3 - Oil on Cardboard 92x65 cm. (2011)

Metamorposis 2 “Metamorposis 2”

Metamorposis 2 - Oil on Cardboard 90x65 cm. (2011 )

Metamorposis 1 “Metamorposis 1”

Metamorposis 1 - Oil on Cardboard 90x65 cm. (2011 )

 Expectations “ Expectations ”

Expectations - Oil on Canvace 100x70 cm. (2013)

Variability “Variability”

Variability''Oil on Canvas 130x100 cm.(2011)

silent chaos “silent chaos”

silent chaos. Oil on Canvas. 130x100 cm. (2011).

Transformation “Transformation”

Transformation - Oil on Canvas 130x100 cm (2011)

In the City “In the City”

In the City - Oil on Canvas 130x100 cm. (2011)