Claire Zylstra-harding

Claire Zylstra-Harding

Location: Australia

Art has always played a part in my life. Like many, I loved art and graphics at school. I went onto attain an Associate Diploma in Arts: Theatre Technology where I specialised in lighting. Light is wondrous; by shining a single light beam into different direction it can change the mood of something so drastically, by adding more light and even colour the possibilities are never-ending. For the past numerous year I have been fortunate to working at a prestigious gallery of which I am constantly exposed to artists old and new. After two children I have only recently rediscovered my love of painting and drawing, so with that I decided to re-embrace my creative streak.
The world is full of inspiration and looking at it through my children’s eyes has meant I have been able to see it from a new prospective. I also draw on my own experiences in life and my admiration for the many artist and art I am exposed to. I have recently decided to venture into the world of oil paints and flowing acrylics. I enjoy the slow drying process of oil paints and expressive pace of flowing acrylics, they both allow me to work fluidly with my idea of colour and perception within my paintings.