Luca Baldassari

luca baldassari

Location: Italy

Luca Baldassari was born in 1972 in Rome.
He studied photography at “Istituto per la cinematografia e televisone Roberto Rosselini” of Rome. Using mainly the technique of the pinhole. Technique that I use for over 20 years, cameras and holes are handcrafted by me, this is one of the reasons why I decided to use this technique allows me to build my visual space / photo in full freedom and to use all sensitive materials available from the Polaroid photo paper to digital. Also allowed me to use long exposure times and seeing things / life from a different point of view, different, with different times I give myself time to understand better to think.


cartoline stenopeiche

Why pinhole postcards?

A small concentrate of my travels and wanderings with the pinhole by my side.

I think that when you send a postcard or buy this for yourself because you want to re-think back to where you were or where you want to go. Seeking a share with the recipient with the desire to convey the feelings or still live with the desire to look for a bond or just to consolidate a friendship.

And that's when we come off from everything and you start to travel with the mind to think about what you've done or what could be done. It's a way to start again our imagination.
We hang up these to the wall or fridge and they remain like warning of a possible escape, even when these lose colour is difficult to take out them almost these were a way of escape to which we regret for the time to give a fleeting glance.

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japan beppu honsen “japan beppu honsen”

pinhole camera with polaroid 4x5

 japan nagasaki brigde meganebashi “ japan nagasaki brigde meganebashi”

pinhole camera with polaroid 4x5

turkey  istanbul teodosio wall “turkey istanbul teodosio wall”

pinhole camera with polaroid 4x5

 greece atene partenone “ greece atene partenone”

pinhole camera with polaroid 4x5

 canada “ canada”

pinhole camera with fuji 4x5

 italy rome ponte sisto “ italy rome ponte sisto”

pinhole camera with polaroid 4x5