Grant Lazenby

I have always appreciated the processes and possibilities made with watercolor as well as the beauty and grace of all animals


The Elegance of Beasts

Inspired and enamored by the form and color found in nature, specifically animals. This enthusiasm and influence has been procured by my studies in university as well my travels this past summer.

Part of My design “Part of My design”

The idea to paint this was actually a feeling that came to me while studying for finals week at university. I felt the impulse to render and portray this feeling, which I chose to express as a tiger for their energy and tenacity. The color came to me through listening to music which is always what my mind observes when I hear music.

Lion of Nirvana “Lion of Nirvana”

One of the most enjoyable and peaceful pieces I've made during a time in my life that reflected quite the opposite. It was almost an awakening to me that helped me to learn how to express myself and find tranquility in watercolor. I chose the color scheme to give a "fire and ice" sort of setting to it to emphasize the opposites of what I was experiencing vs. what it turned into.