Antero Guerra

Antero Guerra

Location: Portugal
Born in May 1957 and very early showed talent for visual arts.

He held his first exhibition of painting at 10 years of age, who attended school hall. In the decade that followed he directed over forty exhibitions, including collective and individual.

He was distinguished with several awards in painting and even a national award in tapestry.

In photography won several awards and honors and participated also in an international exhibition in Istanbul. His work is referenced in various publications.

In the video made several works included in cultural activities. He obtained a second national award RTP and was the first participant in the Iberian Tokyo Video Festival.

He held his first exhibition of digital art in the U.S. .


Artwork - Paintings 2011

Oil and Acrylic

Autumn Water “Autumn Water”

Acrylic on Canvas 60x60cm

Still Life “Still Life”

Acrylic on Canvas, 60x60 cm

Cesário “Cesário”

Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50 cm

Cork Trees “Cork Trees”

Oil on canvas, 90x90 cm

Sea Breeze I “Sea Breeze I”

Oil on cavnas, 85x85 cm

In Peniche “In Peniche”

Oil on Canvas, 60x60 cm

Fog and Winter “Fog and Winter”

Oil on canvas, 40x19 cm

Sea Breeze II “Sea Breeze II”

Oil on canvas, 80x80 cm

Colombina “Colombina”

Oil on Canvas, 80x80 cm

 Fig Tree “ Fig Tree”

Oil on Canvas, 80x80 (in progress...)