Name: Clint.......

I am not a faithful lover. After dedicating my youth and promising all my ages to discovering perfection and sophisticated balance,
I found myself having an affair with an uncertainty of a palette on my screen.
What a trouble have I made awake.
She is burning my passion and taking my sleeps away.
I could dream of lust, love and compassion but instead I found myself in a fight with my intriguing urge for creation.

I have no artistic etiquette and why should I?
Ask me what an artist am I,
and I say I don’t know.
Ask me will I leave,
and I say I can’t let go!

There are two things I am faithful to,
my Art and my urging Passion.


My Galleries

Contemporary art from a refreshingly new perspective.
Clint predominately uses a digital medium to draw, paint and create his work, as other artists might use a pencil, paintbrush or chisel.

Many of his exquisitely produced works are hugely ‘symbolic’ and ‘conceptual’ but often with a powerful story to be told or meaning to be portrayed.

He is meticulous in production and passionate about quality. All his signed works, without exception, are produced using only the best and most appropriate materials, from the finest archive quality inks to the very best fine art papers and canvases.

An extract from a recent hand written letter from Lord Bath to the Artist compliments the Artist and sums up by saying “..and I do find them striking in their imagery.”

In a Chinese Garden “In a Chinese Garden”

Hand drawn digital art.

 'HK' “ 'HK'”

Hong Kong, possibly the most vibrant city in the world today.

 'Flat pack is the new wall art' “ 'Flat pack is the new wall art'”

Tags: retro, minimalist, quirky

 Voyeur “ Voyeur”

Glad I went to Specsavers.

 ' Dark Vase at Night' “ ' Dark Vase at Night'”

I wanted this piece to have a very contemporary feel, yet hold onto an almost naive quirkiness. The digitally generated stems give the edgy, electric look i required to portray the carrying of life, energy, nourishment to the flowers. The vibrant blue base on which the vase sits is layered with splashes of non sequential colour to create a three dimensional effect on the Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl Paper.
The base represents our beautiful Earth, with the vase as a secure and safe place from which to flourish and reach out with energy, life and hope towards the future.

 Elvis in orange “ Elvis in orange”

Contemporary hand drawn digital art.

 Sunset over Motor City “ Sunset over Motor City”

A salute to the sad yet predictably inevitable demise of the motor industry in Detroit.

Stealthy Fox “Stealthy Fox”

Archival inkjet print on Hahnemuhle Torchon


Exhibiting artist at Art Erotica 2012 - London,

Jan 19. - 27. 2012
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG

Finalist for the 5th Cork Street Open Exhibition in London's Mayfair “Finalist for the 5th Cork Street Open Exhibition in London's Mayfair”

23rd -31st August 2012
Juried competition of contemporary art
The Gallery in Cork Street, London W1S 3NG