Laura Sion

Born in England, where she attended a one year foundation course at the Heatherly school of art in Chelsey. She went on to take and hnd in graphic design at Richmond Upon Thames College.
her true passion lies in painting using mix media.1992 she moved to Venezuela where she attended clases at the Federico Brand school of art
In 2007 laura Held an exhibition in Miami Windwood art district at the Diego Victoria fine art and elite editions.
In 2008 she was invited to be part of the "International holiday traditions" exhibit at the Historical society of Washington DC.

Laura's Work has helped raise money for a number of charity organizations including but not limited to Wizo, Florida Fundana, Naamat, etc
In 2014 Laura was a resident artist at the G&S alternative space in Downtown Hollywood Florida.

Her unique style is full of life , color and movement. She says that she wants her art to dance off the canvas and into the heart of people.


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