Travis Burgess

My years as a professional photographer have been
varied and often exciting, ranging from newspaper
photojournalism to weddings, and many things in between. The subjects most interesting to me are my fellow humans. They are a never-ending source of

I am originally from San Angelo, Texas, graduating
from Lake View High School in 1965, then attending
Angelo State College.

The San Angelo Standard-Times, the local daily newspaper was my beginning in the profession. I have been working in the Houston, Texas area since 1968.
The last twenty-eight years were with the famous Kaye
Marvins Photography Studio as a photographer, lab technician,
and most recently digital artist with Adobe PhotoShop and related software. Sadly, that studio has gone out of business.

My most recent work has been mostly for my own pleasure since transitioning to digital photography and moving past the expense of film-based work. Nature provides many subjects for Fine Art photography. At this time I am working on digital files I have made as well as scanning old film and transparencies.


Fine Art Photography

My work covers a span of more than 50 years. Apollo XI was shot in 1969. The others were created within the last ten years for the most part.

All photos are Copyright Travis Burgess

Travis Of Texas

This is a collection of my fine art photography that will be on sale shortly.

The Hub “The Hub”

A detail photograph of an antique buggy wheel. It has been digitally manipulated.

Moon's Light “Moon's Light”

A digitally manipulated composite photograph of an abandoned house near Wall, Texas.

Water Lily 2 “Water Lily 2”

A digitally manipulated photograph of a water lily taken at Brazos Bend State Park near Needville, Texas.

Apollo XI In The Spotlight “Apollo XI In The Spotlight”

This is a scan of the original negative taken by me in July 1969