Karian Amaya


Location: Mexico

With a body of work focused primarily on installation, sculpture, drawing, and photography. Her main art inspirations and interests revolve around the existentialism and contemplation of the modern world, which she likes to explore those concepts and represent them in a simple and literal way.

With a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts from Universidad de Guadalajara, she has attended the Students Art Legue of NY where she specialized in mixed media, is part of the IAP program at New York Foundation for the Arts 2015. In the 2013-2014 was awarded I scholarship PECDA Program of Artistic Incentive Creation.

I have developed a body of artwork around sculpting, photography and fixtures.My work has human bonds as its nerve center, and it is focused on an exploration of the division of the being, intimacy and identity. I speak about the melancholy of emptinesss and simplicity outside the boundaries of the body . In order to express myself , I use those objects to wich we direct emotions and which we fashion into extensions of our personality. In this way i seek to reevaluate the subjective place of the observer whitin a particular combination of universal relations, to abandon a definitive "truth" and delve into existential contradictions.