Sebastian Neubauer

Sebastian Neubauer

Location: Germany

Sebastian Neubauer works as an artist in the fields Video/Film and Performances and lives as a writer, independent filmmaker, audio/video producer and teacher in Hannover, Germany.

!!!! Collective powers with romantics and humour bestowed !!!!!


Poem and Collage
start, jump in, quote, copy, collage, recontextualize, repoetify, repositionize, stick, glue, reassemble, cut, recycle, amplify, sample, lobbywork, analyse, reanalyse, categorize, have discourse, collect, hoard, worship, copy (sic!), sum up and throw away


The artistic practice of Sebastian Neubauer is not limited to Film/Video and performances. But certainly it is the core or root of the body of work. Adjacent fields are experimental writings, conceptualistic sculptures, musical events, staged photography or philosophical analysis. Those get connected and mixed together to a multi layered chaos. The détournements are often full of references to pop music and pop culture.

Sebastian Neubauer produces new collages, that creates links of associations in the eyes of the beholder. Although it is often deconstructed right away.

In centre of his production there is this intertwining of texts and images, that seems to be a constant testing of pop cultural references and analytical critique.

There is this lustfull and humourous affirmation and appropriation of existing things and cultures that brings up the question of identity itself.

Neubauer enjoys to get in touch with the randomness and with chance. To be no lonesome wolf. If chance or randomness isn‘t available he will cooperate with other artists and non-artists to form temporary collectives.

Right now Neubauer produces interactive installations and kinetic sculptures that are exhibited in shows for people to activate in a poetic sense.


Study of Visual Arts, Hochschule für Bildende Kunst, Braunschweig with Birgit Hein, Josephine Pryde und Shimabuku

Diploma passed with distinction (Filmclass)

Meisterschüler (Filmclass)

Working Stipend Stiftung Kunstfonds

Artist in Residence Stuhr/Heiligenrode (Sculpture)

Work Stipend Fine Arts, Lower Saxony

Prize of Kunstverein Hannover, Villa Minimo Stipend

Nomination Editing Award (Filmplus 2010)

Special Mention for „Gabi or Two Colours Yellow“ Shortfilm Festival Hamburg

Founder and Curator of @&, Hannover ( website: )

Co-Founder and Co-Curator of Villa Vaudeville, Hannover (with Dennis Bettels, Samuel Henne, Per Olaf Schmidt and Tom Schön)

Co-Founder and Co-Curator of „broken english and the missing piece“ Filmfestival Göteborg (with Attila Urban and Joszef Amado)

Co-Editor and writer of the magacine „When I was 23 I decided to dedicate my life to art“



@& is a series of events on which artists show their work practices and present a new edition/multiple.
The website is (only in German)

Theses images are made for the invitation to the events.

Photo print, 30 x 45 cm, edition of 10+2, 2017

Mist and Inventions

The series »Mist and Inventions« was produced by Sebastian Neubauer over the period of one year. In every month of 2014, either an interactive installation, or a kinetic sculpture was designed.

Two artworks each were created to correspond with one of the six elements: fire, water, air, earth, wood and metal. This list of elements is a combination of the Chinese theory of five elements and the four elements of occidental philosophy.